Am I a Dallas Cowboys Fan?

Most of my clients know that I have been involved with the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp in Oxnard since 2005. It has been one of the driving forces in my career as a Sports Massage Specialists (well, that and my own athletic background). Working with those highly tuned athletes and being part of the pre-season games kind of makes my blood boil. There is a certain radical energy, being in a room with these guys right after a game that makes you feel exhilarated. And doing their bodywork puts you right on the field with them energetically. What a rush!  It is a magical and interesting chain of events that brought me to that first gig in 2005. That is another story. This story is to answer the  question, “Are you a Dallas Fan?”. (I am asked this question daily during football season.) I always say, “You won’t believe this, but I have always been a Dallas Cowboys Fan.”, and here’s why; The first time I really sat down and paid attention to a professional football game was in the 70’s. I must have been 9 or 10. I had noticed the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders first. They were these beautiful women in blue and white short-shorts with silver pom-poms. They were getting a lot of camera attention, with their flirting eyes and perfect white teeth. I had always been a fan of Barbie, so this seemed like real life Barbie World action to me. (Some feminists might scold me, and that’s fine. I was a girly girl, no regrets.) I watched the whole game, waiting to see more of those dancing pom-pom wheeling long legged Cheeranistas. That is my first memory of “rooting” for any NFL team. Soon there after, I asked my Dear sewing savvy Mom to drive me to the TG&Y in Ojai where I bought several yards of blue and white polyester fabric. She sewed 5 little paneled skirts. I showed up at Oak View Elementary School looking for cheerleader to be on My Team. Oh… I also made blue and white pom-poms using tissue paper. (What a mess those were!) And to the little girls that I didn’t pick… I so apologize. Ten year old girls can be terribly insensitive. So, that was the beginning of my relationship with the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. I remember as a kid, those big guys seemed to look so old. Now they look so young. As a professional therapist, I have never asked for an autograph or acted like a fan. It’s 100%  therapeutic clinical work. Nothing more. I do root for the Boys. They  really are “My Team” now. Yes, I did cry when the refs called Demarco’s catch incomplete. And yes, I did become a “real cheerleader” in high school.