Hip Pain in Women Runners | The Q Factor

Women runners often come into my office complaining of pain in the hip joint, specifically the acetabulum. (the cup shaped socket of the hip joint) posterior (behind). This is often due to a medial angle of the femur bone while running, also know as a “medial glide of the femur”.

A woman has wider hips than a man. The angle that exits between the hips and knees is referred to as, “The Q Line”. If you can imagine running every step, with the knees closer together than the hips are… you can see the dilemma where gate is concerned. The tendons and muscles in the glute are too LONG. The more the mileage and the wider the hips, the more likely posterior hip pain will develop.
Ways to solve this problem, or at least get the hip joint back to it’s happy place:

  1. Use the thigh abduction machine, and with light weights, target the problem hip. Light weight, high reps.
  2. Make sure you have good arch support in your running shoes. A shallow or collapsed arch with out support will cause the femur to glide even deeper midline of the body (medial) and pull the tendons and muscles of the glute even further out of place (long.)
  3. Refrain from crossing your leg like your Mother taught you. The same leg that you are experiencing hip pain. Crossing the femur to the other side of your body, further stretches tissues out of place. Try to sit with your feet flat on the ground if you can.
  4. DONT get in there (posterior joint at hip) with a hard ball and rub things around. For the most part, this will just aggravate things.
  5. You want to shorten the area and make it stronger. Kinesiology tape can help. Any questions? Feel free to comment or message me. I’ll do my best to help.

Cheers and happy runs!