What is Medical Massage?

BODYSMART was founded on the belief that Californians deserve to receive quality medical massage treatment, and to be able to spend health insurance allocated funds to pay for it. We use methodologies that have been shown by research to be effective in treating the conditions for which they are intended – sports injuries, pain management, stress related conditions – which is is the essence of the term “outcome based.”

From Wikipedia:

Medical massage is outcome-based massage, primarily theNeck pain_iStock purchased application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem(s) the patient presents with a diagnosis and are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the medical massage therapist with specific outcomes being the basis for treatment. It is also known as clinical massage or treatment massage.

The term medical massage was birthed out of:

  1. the public’s need for highly skilled, hands-on therapists in treating those with injuries and chronic pain,
  2. the present explosion of information in the injury-rehabilitation field which began with the ground-breaking work of Dr. Janet G Travell (1901–1997 ) and,
  3. the benefit patients receive with medical massage.
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